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I absolutely love my straight razor kit. From the box to the straight razor, everything is gorgeous! Naked Armor did a fantastic job.

Tyler M.

Somewhere in Montana


My husband wanted a straight razor for a long time. I got him the Naked Armor kit and he loves it.

Kim K.

Miami, Florida


I read reviews of straight razor kits from several sites. In terms of bang for your buck, this is the best! It's perfect for a beginner because the blade is already hone.

Charles C.

Dallas, Texas


Received the straight razor kit today and already used it. Great quality, great customer service. I highly recommend.


Los Angeles, CA


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Los Angeles, CA

Esclabor Damascus Straight RazorDrian Damascus Straight RazorLancelot Straight RazorKing Arthur Gold Straight RazorThor Straight Razor

Naked Armor


Award winning straight razors. Take back your manly shave.

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Straight Razor 101

Learn the various part of your new Naked Armor straight razor.

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Learn How To Strop

Keep your razor sharp by using a strop to sharpen the edge between shaves

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Straight Razor Benefits

Learn why straight razor give the closest shave possible at home.

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We Give Back Together


Naked Armor donates a portion of every sale to feed Americans in need. Inspired by the loss of a family member in 2019.

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Straightforward and gorgeous. Five products for putting your best face forward. Wet shave skin and beard care just got better from Naked Armor.

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